Monday, November 5, 2018

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Hello Friends,
Hard to believe, but the holidays are nearly here!

Now is the time to transform your kitchen from clutter and mess to clearly a success.   

So many women feel ashamed and embarassed at the state of their kitchen, their cupboards and pantries.  Food products, dishes, pots and pans are somewhat organized, but they have trouble finding what the need and have difficulty putting things away.  

When guests offer to help, it can be a cringe-worthy moment.  "No, no, I can do it." they reply thinking to themselves,  there is no way I'm risking them looking inside that cabinet. As a result, loneliness and isolation creep in at a time when we'd like to be celebrating together.

Worse, family members have come to expect the mess and often poke fun and tease at the amount of expired food they come across or asking "When is the last time you used this?" while holding up a prized something of yours that has a layer of dust on it.

Have you ever had to quickly clean the wine glasses or polish the silver at the last moment before setting the table?

Imagine a different experience...

Guests offer to help, and you immediately put them to work - telling them where to find a specific item and waiting for their joy of glee and surprise at the ease!

You are basking in the glow of compliment after compliment at your well-organized ktichen, cupboards, pantry and drawers.  In fact, when they discover that the junk drawer has vanished, you are now an inspiration!  "How did you do it?" they ask.

Dinner is prepared with ease, leftovers are put away and you have a lot more time to enjoy yourself and your loved ones because this Thanksgiving, you turned over the clean up to a crew of family while you are lounging with the kids or watching the game.  You rest in the knowledge that there are no surprises for them to uncover or discover and your kitchen will be easily restored to beauty and organization.

This and more can be yours!  Schedule your  November Special: Combat Kitchen Clutter today and we can get your kitchen organized by Thanksgiving.   

Live farther than my 50 mile radius?  We'll do the consultation by phone/skype for an hour. I teach you the skills and you go to work.  Choose the Initial Consultation.

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Don't wait, you deserve to have an organized Thanksgiving.  Schedule it today!

What's your biggest kitchen headache?

Who will be the most surprised when your kitchen is organized?